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Hello, I’m Samantha. With two decades of experience as an Equine Sports Coach and a decade as a certified Personal Trainer, my journey began after a challenging fall that resulted in a broken spine, leading to chronic pain, weight gain, mobility issues, weakened strength, and a need to transform my mindset. This adversity taught me valuable life lessons and mental resilience that I’m eager to share with you. As I approach my 40s, I’m a single mother of two boys, one of whom is autistic, and I’ve also been dealing with an underactive thyroid. These additional challenges have only fueled my determination to break down barriers. So, I pose this question to you: Are you interested in discovering how to cultivate a pain-free, agile body? Do you want to feel strong and confident while tackling daily tasks? Is overcoming physical and mental obstacles your goal? Are you looking to improve your symmetry in the saddle and use aids effectively? Do you aspire to both look and feel fantastic while embracing self-love and confidence? Because I do, and the results are truly remarkable! Plus, looking and feeling younger is an added bonus. Let me guide you on this transformative journey!

Life is a journey so lets enjoy the ride! by feeling fantastic inside and out! Warning this gets addictive 


My Expertise — Postural Analysis, Balance and Mobility, Injury Recovery, Overcoming Barriers, Mindset, Weight Loss and Management, Equine Sports Performance.

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